Taking ScreenShots of your Mobile App


On Android, you first need to define an emulator if you don’t have one. You do this by launching Eclipse ADT > Window > Android Virtual Device Manager.

One you have defined your emulator, you can check your Cordova app on it by:

cordova build android

followed by

cordova emulate android

It takes ages for the emulator to launch with your app so be patient…
After your app loads and you want to take a screen shot from the emulator, go back to the eclipse window and from the menu:

Window > Show View > Other. In the newly opened dialog box, under Android category, select Devices.

Now on the Devices panel, Click the camera button – you’ll figure it out from there.


On iOS things are simpler – run the app in the emulator by opening the project in XCode, selecting the type of device emulator and running your app. Command-S will save a screen shot on your Mac desktop.

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