How many authors in that git project?

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the FixPix Home project and recently have discovered a similar project – chaiNNer, which is open source (GPL 3.0) and, though targeted at a different audience, looks also like a very impressive piece of work.

So I was wondering how many developers have been working on chaiNNer and for how long.

Here’s a quick Linux/Mac one-liner I wrote to determine how many developers contributed to a git project and also a quick glimpse to the relative contribution of each:

$git log | grep Author | sed "s/<.*>$//" | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
    580 Author: Michael Schmidt
    466 Author: Joey Ballentine
     83 Author: theflyingzamboni
     14 Author: Alex Dodge
     13 Author: dependabot[bot]
      4 Author: Harisreedhar
      3 Author: Jackson Ly
      2 Author: Zarxrax
      2 Author: Sryvkver
      2 Author: BigBoyBarney
      1 Author: xpsychonauticon
      1 Author: emarron
      1 Author: JustNoon
      1 Author: EzoGaming

Calculating how long since the project has been started using a one-liner is also possible with some bash tricks, but would take longer than the time I can allocate for it right now – maybe in a future post. For now this will suffice:

$git log | tail | grep Date
Date:   Tue Sep 7 17:58:15 2021 -0500

Which means they’ve had a about year’s head start in R&D time over FixPix Home 🙂

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