Browser power from the command line

If you require the ability to programmatically access the full power of the web browser without ever opening a web browser you should take a look at PhantomJS Want even more power ? Combine it with CasperJS With these technologies you can run automated scripts that don’t require any desktop UI or browser …

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Install Apache, MySQL, PHP on OS/X Mountain lion

Nice guide here I was unaware that Apache comes preinstalled with OS/X In a nutshell ∞ All the relevant files are at /etc/apache2 Starting, stopping, restarting the service is done with sudo apachectl start sudo apachectl stop sudo apachectl restart The default document root is at /Library/WebServer/Documents/ but you can create a different document rule …

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Quick http server

So you want to quickly test some static files from an http server ? Just cd to the folder where these files are and: Using Python 2.x: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 Using Python 3.x: python -m http.server 8000 Another option, if you have PHP installed is: php -S localhost:8000

Where is my car ?

Someone already made something similar: At this point I’m looking for a good cordova.js stub file – seems others are also looking for something like that but there aren’t any to be found in the small search I’ve made – only the Ripple chrome extension which only supports Cordova 2.0 and didn’t really work …

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Brilliant JavaScript file upload function

I’ve seen various attempts to use JavaScript to customise the file upload button. The browsers historically do not lend themselves to making this easy to achieve due to security considerations – the idea is not to make it simple for anyone to upload a file from the PC to a remote website without the user …

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Trying to get cordova sample running on iPhone

To run our Cordova sample on iOS, I’m using a Mac OS/X Maverics with Xcode 5.02 installed. To add ios support in our compass application, from within the compass directory, issue: cordova platform add ios This went smoothly. Next, building the project: cordova build ios This also went smoothly. Finally: cordova run ios This yielded: …

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