Bible lineage

I asked Claude AI to generate a GraphViz code for the lineage from biblical Adam onward. This is the result (converted to an SVG file). Could be interesting to add some more stuff to this, for example relevant historical events occurring during each generation.

Incidentally, the Python code to generate an SVG file from a GraphViz code is:

<code>import pydot

dot_string = '''
digraph BibleLineage {
  node &#91;shape=box];

  // Adam to Noah
  "אדם (Adam) c. 4000 BCE" -> "שת (Seth) c. 3870 BCE";
  "שת (Seth) c. 3870 BCE" -> "אנוש (Enosh) c. 3765 BCE";
  "אנוש (Enosh) c. 3765 BCE" -> "קינן (Kenan) c. 3675 BCE";
  // The rest of the connections...

graphs = pydot.graph_from_dot_data( dot_string )
svg_string = graphs&#91;0].create_svg(encoding='utf-8') 
with open('out.svg', 'w', encoding='utf-8') as fp:

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