Ubuntu 14.04 LTS very slow on VirtualBox

Got the solution from here:

  • Shut down the guest machine
  • Select the Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine and click the Settings button
  • Select the ‘Display’ item from the list on the left
  • In the Video tab on the right, check the ‘Enable 3D Video Acceleration’ option
  • Select the ‘Storage’ item from the list on the left
  • In the ‘Storage Tree’ view on the right, select the Controller:SATA item
  • In the corresponding attributes to it’s right, check the ‘Use Host I/O Cache’ option
  • Close the settings and restart the virtual machine. It should be considerably faster now.


  1. You have no idea how many hours I spent looking for a solution to this issue…

    THIS POST. This post fixed my slowness issue. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    For others looking to see if this is right for them, here are my details:
    Host: Win8 64B
    Other modifications made on the previously slow 14.04 OS:
    Installed guest additions: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms´╗┐
    Installed preloader (to load common apps to memory to save boot time. i.e FF) – this did not help much.

    Again, thank you very much OP

    • Sorry – I’ve only installed in on VirtualBox – haven’t tried playing with Hyper-V but according to this link that might not be solvable since the slowness “appears to be because Hyper-V has no 3D GPU acceleration capability. Hyper-V is a server-virtualization techonology that is not meant to be used for virtual desktops:”

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