Google can’t find everything

For some reason there’s an old song I learned at school more than 35 years ago, whose tune and lyrics I can still remember. It goes like this:

I hear echoes that are dear to me
that whisper oh so sweetly to my heart
You must come, come to those you love across the sea
nor let lt be to long afore you start

So I go on my journey through the bonnie heather
never tiring though I walk a hundred miles
There’s a song in my heart be black or bright the weather
for so much am I nearer to the isles.

Its either an old Scottish or Irish song and of course I’ve never heard it since that music lesson back in 4th grade.
I thought that a Google search would shed more light on the source of the song, but no matter which part of text I quoted the search yielded nothing of relevance. Quite interesting, considering the mind boggling volume of texts of both present and past works that are indexed by Google.Perhaps this was something the music teacher made up…

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