AWS Lambda or EC2

Everything is a trade-off (of course, that’s actually another Maslow-type hammer, but nevertheless a useful one) and many times (for me at least) a lot of time is wasted on agonizing getting a good understanding what the trade-offs are before committing to an implementation. Of course, part of the reason is that I never want to commit to anything, and want to have the maximum flexibility at all times, which can lead to analysis paralysis – so the first tip from this post is “It doesn’t really matter”. The reason it doesn’t really matter boils down to the wise phrase “it’s far more important to get it going than to get it right”. Of course, one could counter with “there’s never time to do it right but always time to do it over”, and the funny thing is that the conflict between these two phrases is yet another trade-off (this is so meta…) but the bottom line is that while it’s always nice if you choose the correct path from the start, you’ll never be able to avoid mistakes indefinitely and getting into “dear in the headlights” mode from fear of making a mistake is a far worse choice than any other option.

Still, the ability to make a good choice from the start is nice, and therefore I wanted to share an article that helps decide between using AWS Lambda or EC2 for a service you wish to implement.

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