Thought of the day – don’t confuse the fight for the battle

Every now and then I formulate to myself some thoughts and current conclusions regarding things in general – be it life philosophy and everything that is derived from it. I’m going to start and write these down just to have them placed somewhere either for others to contemplate or for my future self to laugh at 🙂

So, the first is about a thought regarding when to give something up. The rules are:

  1. Never ever give up the battle.
  2. Know when its time to give up the fight.
  3. Don’t confuse the fight for the battle.

How do you know what is a fight and what is a battle – that’s the million dollar question, but I believe there’s a very good indicator: if the signs show that it is unwinnable, then it is a fight and not a battle – time to give it up.

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