Qt learning curve journal, part I

The goal – to create a cross platform application infrastructure for Linux, Windows and Mac that will serve as the basis for future cross platform application. I first thought of using wxwidgets but noticed that there were problems getting it to compile on Mountain Lion OS/X. In addition, Qt seemed more equipped to handle to …

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Recursively remove specific filename in Linux

The trick is to use the find command with the -exec or -execdir parameter. I needed to remove all the files named serials_dev.db3 from multiple backup directories. The following did the job: find . -type f -name "serials_dev.db3" -exec rm -f {} ; Here are the relevant parts from the find man page: -exec command …

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Writing a GIMP plugin

The first thing mentioned in the GIMP developer plugin tutorial is that gimptool-2.0 is required to to install a plugin, however it does not mention where this tool is available. A search provided this site which explained it is part of the gimp development library. On Ubuntu just issue: sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev