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Bible Decoder Screen Shots

The following show some of the features that Bible Decoder offers. You can click the thumbnails on the left to view the full size picture.

    ELS Searches on the text of the Hebrew Bible
This screen shot shows a sample of a result from a search for Hebrew ELS codes within the text of the Hebrew Bible. In this example the term that was searched for was the Hebrew word for "Passover night". The interesting thing about the result is that the term "Passover night" is written accross the text that describes the story of the Exodus from Egypt, which is exactly what Passover night celebrates. There is no way for a person living at the time that the Bible was written to know of the term Passover night and place it neatly within the story.
  ELS Searches on any text
This example shows how Bible Decoder can perform searches for ELS codes within any text. You can use Bible Decoder to search for existance of ELS codes within any text by simply importing it to the program. This example illustrates that with enough perseverence, you can find words that are correlated in some way within almost any text. Does this mean that the Bible Codes are a hoax ? Not at all. It does mean however that it takes more than finding some related words embeded within a larger text to reach any conclusive evidence that something odd is going on.
  Synchronized searches on Hebrew and English texts of the Bible
Bible Decoder contains a useful feature that enables you to perform a search for both an English word within the English text of the Bible and simultaneously for a Hebrew word within the Hebrew text. You can view the results with both texts synchronized. In addition to being able to quickly locate any term or phrase in the Bible, this feature can be useful when trying to learn the meaning of the Hebrew text.
  Gematria code searches on the Hebrew text of the Bible
Gematria codes are frequently used in Jewish mysticism (Kabalah). These codes define ways of giving numerical values to Hebrew letters and words (a more elaborate exlpanation is provided in the Bible Decoder help). Bible decoder enables calculating the gematria value of a Hebrew word as well as search for the occurance of all words or sentences throughout the Hebrew Bible text that have the same gematria value, and then with a click of a button, view the location in the Bible where the word or sentence was found, with the Hebrew and English texts synchronized.
  Private English Hebrew dictionary
The Private English-Hebrew dictionary contains translations of English words to the corresponding Hebrew words. The dictionary can be expanded by importing additional word files, which which will be updated from time to time on this site. This dictionary can be used to send the selected word diretly to any search window in Bible Decoder.
  Virtual Hebrew keyboard
Chances are you don't happen to have a Hebrew keyboard... The virtual Hebrew keyboard tool is used to type in Hebrew letters for the various searches on the Hebrew text of the Bible.