Simple, Customisable, Extendible and Free

Server monitoring application (resource use history, logs, etc.).
Framework for rapid development of monitoring or full web apps.
Based on Python (2 or 3) + Tornado.


Mymon - The Application

The MyMon application provides developers and administrators a simple tool to monitor servers without the learning curve required to install and operate heavy server monitoring applications. The current version contains:

A dashboard with an aggregation of summaries by different installed plugins

Zoomable/scrollable graph history of memory consumption of the entire system as well as a per-process display

Graphs of resource utilization

... and network activity

A "tail -f" style display of all monitored log files on the server

... with a customizable configuration to highlight certain log patterns

More features are continuously being developed, so check back soon. If you wish to develop more components or a completely different plugin-based web application, check out the Mymon framework

Mymon - The Framework

The Mymon framework was initially developed for the Mymon application, but it quickly became apparent that it is well suited to quickly build other monitoring tools and web applications. Check the quick tutorial to see how to quickly add plugins or build your own web applications.

Installing Mymon

Under construction...

Developer's Tutorial

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Mymon is released as open soure under the GPL license. For other license options, please contact me