Latest News:
March 5th, 2010: Workout Music Studio supports iTunes files.

January 16th, 2010: Workout Music Studio (formerly Repacer) released. Enables adding workout cues over the music. Free upgrades to registered users of Repacer.

Boost your workout with your music

Everyone who loves music knows how it can energize your workout. The concept for Workout Music Studio started while I was running to music. Although I liked the songs (well, I chose them...) , I was frustrated by the rhythm changing with each song. I wished it would be possible to make all the songs play at the same tempo and then I could just cruise through the workout, "surfing" on the music.

A few months later, Workout Music Studio (then Repacer) was born. The concept is simple - make the music you like play at perfect sync with your workout pace during your workout, be it running, aerobics, whatever.

In addition to taking your favorite tunes/hits and changing their pace to your workout pace without altering the sound pitch, Workout Music Studio can also add any vocal cues you want on top of the music at specific times and intervals (for motivation, information or interval training), create smooth mixes from your music and more.

Learn more, download a demo version or order it now.

Over time some additional free stuff was added to this site. So, try the free song BPM search, which will help you find songs in the genre you like that have the same rhythm as your pace, take a look at some workout playlists that were contributed by others, or download the free BeatScanner software to find songs in your music collection that match the criteria for making your workouts exciting.