Side Projects

The following is a partial list of some of the solo projects developed over the years in my spare time for fun (and sometimes a bit of profit). Listed in chronological order:

The Bible Codes

While studying for a physics degree (way back), I attended a lecture given by one of the physicists concerning the Bible Codes. Intrigued, I decided to test it myself by developing software to find these codes. The software became quite popular at some point as it surfed the popularity of the codes in the media. The software is still available but runs only on Windows (wine might work though)

P.S. After corresponding with mathematicians from both sides of the argument and playing with the codes quite a bit myself, I still have no idea yet how real they are, i.e if the statistical significance is totally beyond chance. I feel the problem is that setting up an objective experiment is not as easy as it seems, partly due to the nature of the search and partly due to (conscious and subconscious) agendas of those conducting the tests.

Implementation: Visual C++, MFC

Are you over 18,000?

Here’s a different way to look at historical dates. What event happened exactly 500,000 days ago? When will you be exactly 19,000 days old? I know you’re just dying to find out the answer to these fascinating questions…

Adapt music to your workout pace

After being frustrated with running to music that makes me want to change pace each time a new song is played, I wrote the Repacer, later to be renamed as Workout Music Studio. I no longer maintain or sell it, but it is a neat piece of software and helped many people get more enjoyment out of their workouts:

In addition a freeware called BeatScanner was also released that scanned people’s music library and detected the beats per minute of every track so that the appropriate songs could be put on the workout playlist.

Implementation: Visual C++, MFC

JScrab – A Scrabble Clone

A Scrabble-type game against the browser written in pure JavaScript which runs very fast by leveraging JavaScript regular expressions:

Implementation: JavaScript

Music Surfer

A site to browse the music scene, find and listen to artists which are close in their style to the genre of artists or groups that you like and see the interesting connections of the genre relations – included is the simultaneous ability to read information about the artists and listen to their work.

Implementation: JavaScript + PHP + some preprocessing in Python. The part that surprised me is that I actually had to brush up on some math to help optimize speed of retrieving the results.

MyMon – Server Diagnostics Framework
An plugin-based extensible Python (supports 2+3) framework based on Tornado, leveraged for creating a process to easily view server diagnostics over time.

Overview here
Source code here

Implementation: JavaScript/Python.

Clean Android Apps

No annoying advertisements, no in-app purchases, apps that just do their job. You can’t filter by this criteria using Google Play. Here you can.

Implementation: Node.js for preprocessing, JavaScript/PHP

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